Monday, July 30, 2012

Why 'The Anna Hazare Movement' Failed?

Everybody know what is media and what is the duty of a media. It is indeed a medium to produce and project the news to the world. But as a common citizen, and as a common human being, I am simply surprised to learn that complete medias failed to focus with a right angle on a good cause or a brave struggle which is happening in Great Democratic Nation India where One man without any power, without any support trying to raise his voice for his nation. Anna Hazare an old citizen is supporting a cause, the amendment of a law to curb corruption in India 

Why this much neglectance happening in this case. A man alone leading a protest to protect and save a nation and no media supports him. What is going on here. If somebody trying to fight against corruption we must support them. That is what common people like us doing. But we have limitations. Upto an extend we can do something. Media's case is entirely different. Media can change the situation. Media can flash it in moments. Why they are not doing anything. 

Situation is something critical. Anna Hazare is fighting against the corrupted politics and corruption in India. How this political parties raised and how a man become politician ? Its because common people. We are electing this political leaders to lead the country not to robber the nation. During election period every big politicians forced to come down to face this ultimate power i.e people. We made them leaders and we made the parties. We are not suppose to be slaves under any political parties. That is the reason why the common people supporting this old man Anna Hazare.
Couple of weeks ago, Delhi Ram Leela Maidan became a point of focus for each and every Channels, Newspapers etc. They were busy in telecasting the mammoth Luxurious event. But here a humble man even without owning a piece of land in his name, started raising his voice. No media listen that. We should think it. Why it happened ? Why media failed to support this second freedom struggle ? Is media also corrupted ? I didn't see a single media broadcasting this movement in such a way that entire world can hear it. No media tried to focus this movement with a public interest.
Our society is rich with God Boys and God Girls. Why they are not opening their mouth ? They have an influence and they have the strength of followers which is wast and beyond our imagination. I am so curious !!! Why these God Boys and Girls tell their disciples to Fight against corruption or raise voice against corruption ? That has to be done. Media can do it by broadcasting an interview with these Boys and Girls and let the world hear it.
Why the big guns of business world keep silence ? Why media is not getting their interviews to open up their mouth on Anna Hazare's anti corruption movement ? Indian film world, Bollywood, Kollywood etc, have got lots of Super Stars. Why they are also silent? Actors like Amitabh Bacchan, Rajnikant, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan etc should raise their voice in this matter. 
They have got lots and lots of fans. They should come forward to support Anna Hazare. That can make difference.
Indian Sports world have got living legends like Sachin Tendulakar, the God of Cricket. If he come forward whole world will do the same. Here also media utterly failed. 
A poor old man is fighting against the corrupted Indian politics. So why can't others? 
During the same time, the movement which had started without much expectations by Anna Hazare long back and received tremendous response initially had failed to draw (this time) the expected response from the people and the nation. The only people giving Anna the hype were the media persons. Soon even they realised that this movement is not going as expected and started debating about the same. I missed these debates though I watched a few of them.

Everyone were surprised to see a low turnout though the people associated with organizing the event denied it. So I gave it a thought, Why The Anna Hazare Movement Failed ? Most of them (a few of them atleast) will tell that the movement has not failed. But according to me the movement has failed. When I typed in the title of this blog I just did a google search.Well this topic is pretty old atleast 15 days old.You will find many posts related to this. There are many experts, analysts, reporters, professional bloggers, amature bloggers (like me) who have written on this topic. Why should you read mine then? Is my opinion different ? I would say in the end it will boil down to one thing (which I will tell later) but my approach to that thing is different than any other blog that you will find.

For those of you who are thinking the movement was in Mumbai and not in Delhi so the movement failed do a quick search on Anna Hazare in Wikipedia, from there I quote 'Anna has been ranked as the most influential person in Mumbai by a national daily newspaper'.

He is more popular there in Mumbai,now he is a household name in India. Well before I start off I am not writing this to criticize Anna Hazare or his team.He has done a significant amount of work in his village and improved it really well. While going through his wiki itself you will have read that he was awarded the Padma Bhushan award long back.  

When Anna sat for an indefinite fast for the first time in April, there was unprecedented support for Anna. People saw in him as an apolitical leader who could bring about change. Most of them were and are fed up of the bribes that they have to pay in government offices. Through Lokapal it could be reduced. Most of them even compared him to Mahatma Gandhi. With all due respect to Anna Hazare according to me no one in this world can be compared to Mahatma Gandhi. People will be influenced by his ways but they cannot be like him. People like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and most recently the famous one Barack Obama all were influenced by Gandhi. 

Even Anna Hazare is like one of them. He was influenced by Mahatma Gandhi's methods Satyagraha and Ahimsa most notably. Anna Hazare stood for a cause. His cause was to eradicate corruption. But soon his cause changed. It was hate Congress and defeat Congress.Suddenly an apolitical person became political. An impression was created among the people that it is the responsibility of the ruling Govt to introduce the bill. The following link says differently . It tells any member can introduce a bill, not just the ruling party. I agree that the government which has the majority in the parliament has a significant say in the parliament proceedings. Also the support of the opposition is also required. The government usually takes the opposition into confidence and then passes the bill. So it was the responsibility of the whole parliament not just one political party.

History has shown us that people who stood for a cause succeeded in  bringing change. The whole world supported for their cause because they were incorruptible.They couldn't be influenced nor deviated from their main cause. Those men and women had the support of the people which they ulitilzed against the people opposing their cause efficiently and brought about the change.

Unfortunately Anna deviated from his cause, Lokpal bill was not seen as the primary priority. And the primary target became the Indian National Congress Party. This one change in stand or deviation from stance caused Anna Hazare the movement which had gained so much momentum.

This resulted in a slight loss of confidence of the people. Whether Anna unknowingly deviated or knowingly deviated or he was influenced I do not know. Only Anna Hazare know's it. Can they come back? If they come back will they have the same support?

I do not know but 'I Stand For India Against Corruption'!

When You Stand For What You Believe In,
You Can Change The World!


  1. terrible english can hardly read

  2. Dear Sir,
    The right heading should be Why 'INDIA' Failed? and not Why 'The Anna Hazare Movement' Failed?.

    Anna Hazare is not an individual but a voice of crores of Indias which includes me as well as you also i hope :-).

    You mentioned that he targeted Congress but please tell me against whom you will demonstrate if government fails, Opposition Party, who cant do anything, who cant pass a resolution ???

    About support of people, we are getting more and more support day by day. If you want to see pls come one day in Jantantra Yatra which we are conducting now in North and talk to those people, see their confidence.

    The issue is that now Ruling party is very cautious about Annaji's movement as elections are near. All major political parties also have a big media budget to manage or restrict media from covering or promoting Annaji's movement.

    But we are very sure that their efforts cant last long because we believe that one day media will also support people of this country for a good cause, they have too. I request you to support Anna Hazare Movement for benefit of this country.

    Anna Hazare's Office,

  3. I don't think that the Anna Hazare's Movement failed.It just not get to its final destination.
    Due to lack of consistency required from the people.but i am Sure One day It will definitely Reaches to the End.