Thursday, February 23, 2012

Should Sachin retire from ODI Cricket?

After Ricky Ponting called it a day to ODI cricket and decided to focus on Test cricket, people wonder when Sachin Tendulkar will bid adieu to the short format of the game.

Sachin's magic is fading fast and this is clearly visible in his performance in the ongoing Commonwealth Bank tri-series in Australia. The pressure of 100th international hundred has damaged Sachin Tendulkar's natural game and reputation too.

Not only Sachin failed in Tests, but also failed in the ODIs, resulting in a huge backlash. Even his die-hard fans are asking him to score the elusive 100th ton and call it a day to cricket sooner than later.

There is little doubt that Sachin Tendulkar is the 'God of Cricket'. He has contributed to the game more than anyone else in the cricket history. For the last 23 years, he has been playing cricket. And, we can't expect good results from him always.

Sachin has achieved everything on and off the cricket field. Only the last milestone is yet to be achieved, i.e.; 100th international hundred. Despite playing several Tests and ODIs after the World Cup, Sachin has failed to achieve that goal.

He is still waiting and keeps the world awaiting. Now, it's time for him to up the ante, score that hundred and say good-bye to ODI cricket and preserve his energy for the Test cricket.

Sachin can still play Test cricket for a couple of years or so. However, it would be risky for him to play ODI and IPL at this age. He has been playing cricket since 1989-90 and now his body needs some rest.

Sachin Tendulkar will remain the most adorable cricketer the world has ever produced. So, he deserves a graceful exit from the ODI. We, at Breaking News Online pray for his 100th international hundred in this CB series so that he can retire from this format with heads high on shoulder.

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