Monday, March 5, 2012

Body Piercing: Fashion or Disaster?

For many teens, fashion has become important way to express them in the society. Ear/body piercings have become very popular, especially among those aged 18 to 22.

That is because at this age, they want to get their own separate individuality and identity, by looking different.

The thing that motivates them to pierce is the desire to beautify one’s body in order to create certain impression or build an image. Yet, there are some other reasons, aside of those to make one’s body more tempting and alluring.

Body piercing is very noticeable among youngsters, after celebrities on TV showed off their pierced eyebrows, lips, nose and most commonly the belly. Belly piercing has become a fashion avowal among Indian women, who love to show the small piece of naval ring.

But sometimes piercing can become a disaster too, if it is not done carefully. There is also certain health risks associated with ear/body piercing. For example oral piercings can cause bloated tongues, excessive bleeding, infection and swallowing of small jewelry parts.

In fact, infections from moist or unclean piercing sites now occur in about one out of every five piercings.

According to some medical practitioners, many piercers are providing their services in unsafe environments - no gloves or mask, no sterilization tools and unhygienic surroundings. So while going for the piercing, one should give attention to these small things that matters a lot.

Body piercing is not only to grab attention, but also a fashion trend that will be followed by the upcoming generation. On the one hand it will give a trendy look, but on other hand it will be disastrous if done without knowledge and awareness.

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