Monday, April 16, 2012

Fans Disappointed at Closure of Imagine TV

All the fans of Imagine TV are extremely upset and disappointed about the recent closure of the channel. Even a huge number of fans have urged to telecast the popular serials online.

Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, Inc. announced the decision to shut down Imagine TV and Imagine Dil Se last Thursday stating that the channels did not perform along the lines of the expectations.

"Dharam Patni", "Zor Ka Jhatka", "Baba Aiso Varr Dhoondo", "Chandragupta Maurya", "Gyan Guru", "Dwarkadheesh - Bhagwaan Shree Krishn", "Nachle Ve with Saroj Khan", "Mahima Shani Dev Ki" etc. are the popular serials/shows of Imagine TV.

It is too hard for the fans of Imagine TV to believe that their favorite channel has been wiped out. While TRP is the most deciding algorithm for the producer of a channel or serial, the fans have nothing to do with this. But at the end they become the biggest prey of the TRP competition.

When it comes to Indian viewers across the world, they love to develop a relationship with the fictional characters of the serials. Gossiping about the problems of the characters of the serial is part of many Indian viewers’ daily life. They get involved so much with this fiction.

Hence, any harsh business decision makes them really unhappy. In Imagine TV’s context also the same thing has happened. Many people, including the fans, artists and crews of different serials are waiting for a positive miracle in favor of their favorite serial/channel.

Even Some people have doubts regarding the reason of closure that the channel has officially shown. They believe that controversial serials related to social institutions (like Veena Ka Vivaah) might have also confused the owners to make a decision to stop all the odds.

Fans of ‘Chandragupta Maurya’ (CGM), the serial about the great ancient emperor of India have apparently received the biggest setback with this closure. They have even launched a face book page titled ‘Save Chandragupta Maurya Show’ to save their favorite serial.

Millions of fans of this serial have provided huge number of comments to convey their likeness. They hope that this online exhibition of their patronage may attract some other channel to take up the serial to be broadcast. Till writing of this news, the number of members of this group was 28,084.

A huge number of fans of Imagine TV and its popular serials have urged Turner Broadcasting System, the owner of the channel to reconsider their decision of shutting down.

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