Sunday, May 6, 2012


Business leaders can learn a lot from the way that designers solve problems and create new innovations. Successful designers find new ideas in seemingly mundane places. Here are four steps to finding something original in the ordinary:

1. Question: Don't just ask the obvious questions. Look deeper, and don't be afraid to rethink basic fundamentals about your business and products.

2. Care: Caring doesn't just mean giving great customer service. Get to know your customers as intimately as possible. Immerse yourself in the lives of the people you are trying to serve.

3. Connect: Find ways to bring together concepts, people and products. Many great breakthroughs are 'mass-ups' of existing ideas.

4. Commit: Give form to your idea as quickly as possible: create a prototype and begin testing it right away. This is the only way to know if you've touched on something truly promising.

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