Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Laila Khan and Family killed by Parvez Tak: Mumbai Police

The crime branch of Mumbai police is on its way to solve the murder mystery of the Bollywood actress Laila Khan and her family. Police confirmed that Parvez Tak, a close to Laila, confessed to murder.

In a press conference on Wednesday, JCP Crime, Mumbai, Himanshu Roy said that police have recovered six skeletons, an iron rod with blood stain, a knife and some Jewellery from the pit at Laila's Nashik Bungalow on Tuesday. 

He said that the murder was carried out by Parvez Tak, who is now Mumbai police custody, along with watchman Shakir. The bodies were bodies were covered with big stones and mud to avoid them being sniffed by animals in the area. 

"Police is reconstructing the entire sequence of events since the entire family of Laila Khan has been wiped out. We are yet to establish whether it is per-mediated murder or happened at the spur of the moment", he said. 

He said that Laila and her entire family were about to migrate to Dubai. However, all were killed. Parvez and Shakir arranged two drivers and left for Mumbai. Later, they went to Jammu. 

However, police would wait for the DNA test report before confirming whether the bodies were those of Laila Khan and her family.

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